January 25, 2024

Seer Summaries: Help Us Help You

This week’s releases include the ability for users to rate and provide feedback on our AI generated Seer Summaries, Summary Verifications, and more.

⭐ Seer Summary Ratings, Feedback, & Verification

Users now have the ability to rate and provide feedback on every Seer Summary. Your input plays an integral role in helping us fine-tune our AI models that generate all Seer Summaries. In addition to ratings and feedback, we released Summary Verification. An icon next to a bill’s title indicates if the Seer Summary has been independently verified.

📈 More Data. Still Easy to Understand.

As you know, Seer’s goal is to reduce the barriers to understanding legislation that impacts you. We’ve released major enhancements to give users additional and more nuanced data. For example, now users can see additional details around a bill’s current committee status.

Other Improvements & Fixes

  • Bill Statuses and Activities upgraded to include additional details so you know exactly where a specific bill is at in the legislative process.
  • If, for some crazy reason, you need to view a piece of legislation on Utah’s State website click the icon and you’ll be redirected. Simple as that.
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