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Seer uses AI to digest and summarize legislative bills — and empowers users to track and collaborate on these bills within a first-of-its-kind platform.

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Seer makes it easy to discover the legislation that matters to you. From open bill files to signed legislation — from past, current, or upcoming sessions — find it all inside Seer.
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AI generates an accurate and digestible summary of the legislative bill and tracks text changes. Here, users can also see sponsors and where the bill is in the process.
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With Seer Spaces, you can easily organize and collaborate on legislation in a way that matches your unique workflows. Get organized, get insights, and get ahead.
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Find new ways to understand legislation with Summon the Seer. With the click of a button, you can translate the Seer Summary into Spanish — making it simple to stay informed.
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Legislative Bill Summary

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With the deployment of emerging technologies and consumer-like product design, Seer demystifies politics and makes government accessible to all.


Untangle politics and increase political accountability for politicians and elected officials.


Engage all citizens in the political process and foster greater civic engagement.


Advocate for change by empowering organizations, advocacy groups, and lobbyists.

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