February 1, 2024

Public Bill Trackers Made Easy

This week, we’ve added features so that Seer users can make any of their Spaces public, released safety improvements to our AI models, and more.

Public Spaces: Share the Legislation You’re Tracking with the World

With the release of Public Spaces, bill tracking has never been easier! Make a Space public (and visible to anyone with the URL) by selecting Options and then Space Settings inside the desired Space. Then select Change Visibility. It's as simple as that. Share the URL so anyone and everyone can view the important legislation you’re tracking along with your stance on each bill.

AI Safety Improvements

This week we released a handful of safety improvements to our AI models. AI safety improvements are a never-ending task, as we take AI safety very seriously.

Other Improvements & Fixes

  • We completed work that gives Seer and our users better visibility and more data into nuanced bill changes.
  • We are excited to announce the creation of a Telegram channel dedicated to all bill releases, substitutions, and changes for Utah’s 2024 General Session. Click here to learn more and join!
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