December 14, 2023

Hello from Customer Support & Seer Summary 2.0

In the latest updates, we’ve added the ability to message our customer support team inside of Seer, improved Seer Summaries with Uma, and much more.

👋 Hello from Our Customer Support team

Connecting with us has never been easier. This week’s update gives users the ability to email or text (yes, text message) a member of our Customer Support team. From Seer, simply select Feedback & Support in the left window panel and send a message. We will respond ASAP, typically within minutes.

👁️ Seer Summary Improvements with Uma

Uma (our cutting-edge technology we affectionately called “Uma Thurman 001” or “Uma” for short) received a major update. This update utilizes extractive summarization principles to improve Uma’s accuracy when summarizing legislative bills. To learn more, read our detailed blog post.

Other Improvements & Fixes

  • Added the ability to highlight a bill’s substitutions, underlines, and strikethroughs.
  • Added the ability to email a representative from within Seer.
  • Bug fixes.
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