March 5, 2024

Session Wrapped: Utah 2024 General Session

The Utah 2024 General Session recently concluded, leaving behind a trail of significant legislative actions and insights. Let's delve into the data highlights that defined this session.

Looking at the Utah 2024 General Session through Data

The Utah 2024 General Session has drawn to a close, leaving behind a record-setting 591 bills passed. As we sift through the data, it becomes apparent that this session was not just about passing bills; it was about shaping the state's future. From the bustling halls of the Capitol to the digital realms where constituents tracked and discussed legislation, every aspect of the session contributed to Utah's ongoing narrative.

Why it matters: Using data from Seer, we uncover the quantifiable reflections of the session's impact. These data points offer a snapshot of what captured attention, sparked debates, and drove the discourse during this session. From the most viewed legislation to the legislators who garnered the most attention, each data point paints a picture of the session's dynamics and priorities.

So, buckle up as we take a closer look at the Utah 2024 General Session, exploring the trends, the standout moments, and the insights that shaped legislative decisions and public discourse. It's time to dive into the numbers and uncover the stories they tell about Utah's legislative landscape.

Dive Deeper

As we embark on this journey through the data, let's not only analyze numbers but also remember that behind each statistic lies a story—a story of governance, representation, and democracy in action. So, without further ado, let's dive into the data and unravel the mysteries of the Utah 2024 General Session:

  • Most Viewed Legislation
  • Most Tracked Legislation
  • Most Viewed Legislation by Category
  • Most Viewed Legislation by Subcategory
  • Most Viewed Legislators
  • Most and Least Bills Passed by Sponsor

Most Viewed Legislation

This category highlights the bills that garnered the highest number of views inside the Seer platform, indicating significant public interest and attention. These bills likely touched on pressing issues or sparked controversy, drawing widespread scrutiny and engagement from constituents and policymakers alike.

  1. HB0257: Sex-based Designations for Privacy, Anti-bullying, and Women's Opportunities
  2. HB0261: Equal Opportunity Initiatives
  3. SB0149: Artificial Intelligence Amendments
  4. HB0014: School Threat Penalty Amendments
  5. SB0106: Public Cold Bath Requirements

Most Tracked Legislation

The most tracked legislation refers to bills that generated the most interest among constituents (aka the bill was added to a Space in Seer), as evidenced by the number of individuals or organizations monitoring their progress. Tracking indicates active engagement and investment in the outcome of these bills, reflecting their importance to various stakeholders.

  1. HB0257: Sex-based Designations for Privacy, Anti-bullying, and Women's Opportunities
  2. SB0001: Higher Education Base Budget
  3. SB0106: Public Cold Bath Requirements
  4. SB0135: Advanced Air Mobility and Aeronautics Amendments
  5. HB0418: Student Offender Reintegration Amendments

Most Viewed Legislation by Category

This data set categorizes the most viewed legislation based on broader policy areas or themes. It provides insights into which policy domains captured the most attention during the session, shedding light on the issues that resonated most with the public and lawmakers.

  1. Governance & Public Policy
  2. Education & Workforce
  3. Social & Civil Rights
  4. Environmental & Energy Policies

Most Viewed Legislation by Subcategory

Building on the previous category, this group delves deeper into specific policy subdomains to identify the most viewed legislation within each niche. It offers a more granular understanding of legislative priorities and interests, revealing the nuances within broader policy categories.

  1. Government Operations
  2. Education Policy
  3. Budget
  4. Wildlife
  5. Women
  6. Civil Rights
  7. Water Quality
  8. Taxes
  9. Educators
  10. Election Integrity

Most Viewed Legislators

This group identifies the legislators who attracted the most views inside the Seer platform during the session. These individuals likely stood out for their leadership, advocacy, or involvement in high-profile debates and initiatives. Their visibility indicates their influence and impact on the legislative process.

  1. Rosemary Lessor (D)
  2. Todd Weiler (R)
  3. Jefferson Moss (R)
  4. Andrew Stoddard (D)
  5. Wayne Harper (R)

Most and Least Bills Passed by Sponsor

This dataset compares the number of bills passed by each sponsor, highlighting the most and least prolific legislators in terms of legislative output. It sheds light on the legislative effectiveness and productivity of individual lawmakers, showcasing their contributions to the session's legislative agenda.




As we reflect on the Utah 2024 General Session, it's evident that it was marked by robust legislative activity and public engagement. The data provides valuable insights into the session's key themes, highlighting the priorities and concerns that shaped Utah's legislative agenda. As we look ahead, these insights will continue to inform discussions and decision-making processes, guiding the state toward a prosperous future.

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