February 8, 2024

Hear from Seer on the Inside the Hive Podcast

Emily Vuitton, Head of Marketing at Seer, sits down with Kyle Treasure to discuss how you can use AI to track legislation.

How You Can Use AI to Track Legislation This Year

Earlier this week, Seer’s own Emily Vuitton had the opportunity to talk with Kyle Treasure on the Inside the Hive podcast. The two chatted about how the average Utahn can harness the power of technology to stay up-to-date on the latest legislation impacting their lives.

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About Inside the Hive

Inside the Hive is a Utah-focused political podcast that modernizes political dialogue by adding a dash of Bravo to your C-SPAN — hosted by Kyle and Hannah.

About Seer

Seer is an AI-driven platform that transforms the way we engage with state legislation. Whether it’s a big organization or the average citizen, Seer provides the insights and tools necessary to navigate a complex policy landscape.

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