The Friends of Seer.

We believe in putting people back into the political process, and letting the Seer take care of the rest.

Our Mission.

We strive to revolutionize politics with an intelligent, proactive, and data-first platform that increases transparency and accountability.

Democratize Democracy

Through innovative technology, we can make democracy more accessible and inclusive for all individuals.

Humanize Politics

By leaving the rote work to the bots, we empower humans to do what they do best and bring the focus where it matters most.

Meet Our Founders.

United in a shared passion for innovation and prioritizing humanity in an exceedingly tech-driven world, these are the original Friends of Seer.

Sunny Washington


Sunny is a dynamic business leader with key contributions to Instructure's 2015 IPO, as well as the successful co-founding of Because Learning, which was sold in 2021. A passionate advocate for technology and its ongoing advancement, Sunny also started the Utah Tech Leads Association — an advocacy group critical to furthering tech in Utah.

Zach Holmquist


Zach is an innovative entrepreneur who co-founded and wrote the original code for Teem, which he helped guide through its successful exit to WeWork in 2018. As a 500-hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Zach has honed his skills of connection by building mission-driven teams at successful companies including Neutron, LiveRecover, and Voyage.

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