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Take Your Advocacy Efforts to the Next Level.

Advance your mission and causes with one innovative tool to discover, track, and manage legislation.

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One Solution for Your Advocacy Needs.

Seer helps you proactively identify, track, and manage legislation so you can focus on your mission.

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Quickly Adapt Your Strategic Planning.

Comprehensive insights into the legislative landscape empowers you to strategically plan your advocacy efforts. With the information gleaned from Seer, you can align your messaging, campaigns, and outreach initiatives with ongoing legislative discussions.
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Efficiently Manage Resources and Collaborate with Your Team.

Ditch the manual tracking and exhaustive research. Allocate your resources more effectively by consolidating legislative discovery and management inside Seer. Collaborate with ease and effortlessly coordinate advocacy efforts, share insights, and strategize on how to engage with policymakers.
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Know the Legislation that Impacts Your Advocacy.

Legislative changes can have a profound impact on your mission. Seer helps you quickly identify and understand relevant bills and regulatory changes, allowing you to adapt your advocacy strategies to ensure your voice is heard on the issues that matter.
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Communicate Your Efforts with the Public.

Your advocacy results in real impact, and it’s critical to keep your supporters and the general public informed about your efforts. With Seer, you can share all of the legislation you’re tracking with ease and show the value of support and donations.
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Monitor Compliance Changes and Mitigate Risk.

From regulations related to lobbying activities, tax-exempt status, reporting requirements, and more, staying on top of legislation that impacts your nonprofit is a huge aspect of your operations. Seer helps you stay informed about changes in relevant laws to ensure ongoing compliance and reduce risk.

Get the Best Legislative Solution for Nonprofits.

Stay informed, strategically engage with policymakers, manage resources effectively, and ensure ongoing compliance with Seer. Find out how Seer can help you and get a demo today.