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You can’t afford to be the last to know about legislation that impacts your clients. Take your lobbying to the next level with an innovative solution to discover, track, manage, and report on legislation.

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Transform Your Workflows with One Solution.

Save time and stay up-to-date with Seer's proactive AI and powerful workflow solutions.

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Be the First to Know and the Fastest to Act.

Staying ahead of legislative developments that impact your clients is critical for your success. Seer streamlines your processes with real-time updates on bills, amendments, and regulatory changes — ensuring you swiftly identify and focus on relevant legislation.

Lobbyists are constantly overwhelmed. For contract lobbyists specifically, the goal is balancing taking care of what you have with going out and getting more clients. Seer makes that harmony possible. With Seer, contract lobbyists can manage current client’s needs more efficiently and effectively than ever before — and improve relationships with them on a one-to-one basis. Thanks to this added efficiency, there's more time to go out and earn more clients (and the bandwidth to take them on).

Adam Kolowich
Legislative Affairs Director
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Proactively Engage and Advocate.

Transform your approach from reactive to proactive and maximize your impact. With Seer, you quickly get the critical knowledge you need to tailor your messaging, target key decision-makers, and navigate the political landscape with greater precision.
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Transform Your Workflows for the Better.

Configure your notifications and legislative tracking to fit your specific needs and streamline your workflows. With this enhanced efficiency, you can focus on the strategic efforts that directly impact your clients instead of administrative tasks.
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Create Weekly Client Reports in Minutes.

Every client is unique, and so is your approach to collaborating with and reporting for them. Share your Seer Spaces directly with your clients directly or export the legislative tracking information to Excel to send reports just the way you want.

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Enhance your effectiveness, stay ahead in a dynamic legislative environment, and advocate more successfully on behalf of your clients. Seer helps you do it all. Get a demo today.