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Features Designed to Simplify Government Relations.

Learn how Seer helps you proactively identify, track, and manage legislation.

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Gain Real-Time Awareness and Updates.

Stay informed about the introduction of new bills and changes to existing laws that impact your organization or industry. Seer gives you real-time updates on the legislation that matters to you so you’re aware of relevant developments as soon as they happen.
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Become Fluent in Legalese.

Seer harnesses the power of AI to summarize every bill into an unbiased, digestible, and easy-to-understand summary — while taking into account all changes, markups, strikethroughs, etc. Still want to pour over the full text? We got you covered there, too.
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Transform Your Workflows and Collaboration.

Say goodbye to manual bill tracking in disparate spreadsheets and docs. Seer is your centralized hub for all relevant legislation information. Streamline your workflows and effortlessly collaborate with your team inside your Seer Organization so you never miss a critical update.
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Focus on the Work That Matters.

Eliminate the rote tasks of finding and manually tracking legislation. Seer saves you precious time and energy, letting you focus on advocacy strategies and proactively engaging with policymakers to shape legislation to better align with your organization’s interests.

Master Government Relations with Seer.

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