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Seer AI for iOS

Easy to use, but powerful enough for everyone from curious citizens to political pros. Seer AI for iOS lets you take the power of Seer with you wherever you go.

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Get Empowered. Stay Informed.

A user-friendly app powered by AI technology, enabling engagement with state legislation, understanding its impact, and active participation in shaping the future of your community.

Personalized Legislative Tracking

Stay informed and engaged with the legislation that matters most to you. View trending bills, search for, and watch specific bills of interest.


Adjust font sizes, enable high-contrast views, and use VoiceOver.

See with Seer

Proactive AI technology provides accurate and digestible summaries of state legislative bills. Seer's AI breaks down the key points, making it easier for you to understand the essence of each bill in seconds.

Enhance Your Workflow

Receive real-time notifications about any changes to a bill, ensuring you are always up-to-date. Share legislation, use universal links, and so much more.

Make it Yours

Customize the app's appearance and choose a customized icon.

Become One #withSeer.

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